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How to Make Hair Packs at Home using Multani Mitti !

Fuller’s Earth, better known as Multani Mitti in Indian households , has been used since ages in the beauty regime, taking care of skin. Multani Mitti is a miraculous skin care ingredient, carrying innumerable benefits, which definitely deserves to sit on every kitchen cabinet. Fuller’s Earth is naturally occurring sedimentary clay composed mainly of silica, alumina, iron oxides and water in different proportions. It removes impurities, thanks to its excellent cleansing properties. It has an incredibly strong ability to absorb the impurities. You must be acquainted with the distinct face packs that can be made using multani mitti for various skin types to treat varied skin conditions, but it is least known that this wonderful clay makes for the outstanding hair care ingredient as well. Benefits of Multani Mitti Hair Packs: Multani Mitti, being an effective cleanser, removes impurities from hair. It is ideal for people with oily scalps. It cleans mane without rippin

Neem Tulsi & Orange Peel With Honey Handmade soaps!

Nature's botanica orange peel with honey handmade soap is made up of orange peel, raw honey & cold pressed almond oil. Orange peel is dried & ground to fine powder before using. Orange peel contains antioxidants & using it regularly will give you clear & brighter skin. The peel has antibacterial & antimicrobial properties which make it great for treating acne & oily skin. Orange peel works as a natural bleach & can help lighter dark blotches & remove them with time. It helps unclog pores & remove blackheads. Raw Honey another ingredient is a natural antibacterial so it is great for acne treatment. It is also rich in antioxidants which is great for slowing ageing & boost complexion. Almond oil is also added in it which has a excellent moisturizing effect especially for people who have dry or sensitive skin. It is also rich in vitamin E which protect the skin from sun damage. Nature's botanica Neem tulsi and honey

Nature's Botanica™ Handmade Natural Soaps V/s Conventional Soaps

Many of the branded soaps we use might actually be doing us more harm than good. How Nature's Botanica Handmade & Natural soaps really helpful to keep you skin healthy. Read full Article to know What is in your soap?  Do you know that one of the ways your body acquires nutrients, other than eating, is through the skin. Your skin is your largest organ—and 65 percent of the substances you put on it are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream. This semipermeable membrane allows us to absorb vitamins and minerals and UV rays from the sun, but, unfortunately, it also absorbs harmful chemicals we put on it. Chemicals in common soaps are not benign. They can disrupt our hormones, promote allergies, lead to reproductive issues and increase risk of some cancers. With serious side effects like these, we need to be particular about what we put on our skin. Safe and effective organic cleaning products from house hold items. Here are the chemicals you should watch out for