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Top 5 Handmade Soaps Available in India By Nature's Botanica

Many of the branded soaps we use might actually be doing us more harm than good. Do you know that one of the ways your body acquires nutrients, other than eating, is through the skin. Your skin is your largest organ and 65 percent of the substances you put on it are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream. This semipermeable membrane allows us to absorb vitamins and minerals and UV rays from the sun, but, unfortunately, it also absorbs harmful chemicals we put on it. Nature’s Botanica Handmade soaps  on the other hand are crafted from plant-derived oils, natural glycerin, organic ingredients, and no harsh chemicals. 1.  Neem Honey & Tulsi Soap Nature's botanica   Neem tulsi and honey handmade soaps  is made up of all natural ingredients such as Neem, tulsi & raw honey along with cold pressed almond oil & castor oil. Neem Tree, also known as 'Azadirachta indica' is a tree native to India. In Sanskrit, neem is arista, which means somethin

What Is Detox and How It Can Help Your Skin Glow?

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ of our body? Yes, it constitutes almost 16% of the body. Wouldn’t it be unfair if we take care of other organs and forget about the most significant organ? An organ that keeps our body from scattering, an organ that is suffers the most daily due to multiple exposures to pollution and other skin-harming elements daily. Therefore, taking good care of your skin is absolutely crucial to your health in general , and your looks in particular. And one of the most effective ways of doing that is Detox. If you are not aware of it, let us introduce you to this amazing health hack.     So, What Is Detox? Detox basically refers to detoxification , and it is a process of eliminating toxic substances from a human body by physiological or medicinal means. Along with the removal of harmful substances, detoxification also involves eating healthy food. There are a number of ways to detoxify the body. This method has been in practice for

Activated Charcoal & Red Wine Nature's Botanica Handmade Soaps

Red Wine Handmade Soap Nature's botanica Red wine soap is made up of Italian red wine, cold pressed almond oil, castor oil & raw honey. Italian red wine used in this soap is made up of handpicked grapes. Resveratrol found in grape skin provides you with anti inflammatory & antifungal properties. Polyphenols in red wine can help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles Red wine is also packed with antioxidants like flavonoids & tannin which help fight ageing by restoring collagen & elastic fibers. Raw Honey another ingredient is a natural antibacterial so it is great for acne treatment. It is also rich in antioxidants which is great for slowing ageing & boost complexion. Almond oil is also added in it which has a excellent moisturizing effect especially for people who have dry or sensitive skin. It is also rich in vitamin E which protect the skin from sun damage. Activated Charcoal Handmade Soap Nature's botanica activated c